Mahā­pantha­kat­thera­gāthā (Thag 8.3)

When I first saw the teacher,
Who was free of fear from any direction,
I was struck with awe,
Since I’d seen the best of men.
If you have the good luck
To find such a teacher,
But you push it all away,
You’ll lose your chance.
Then I left behind my children and wife,
My riches and my grain;
I cut off my hair and beard,
And went forth into homelessness.
Endowed with the monastic training and livelihood,
My sense faculties well-restrained,
Paying homage to the Buddha,
I dwelt undefeated.
Then a resolve occurred to me,
My heart’s truest wish:
I wouldn’t sit down, not even for a moment,
Until the dart of craving was pulled out.
As I dwell like this,
See my energy and striving!
I’ve attained the three knowledges,
And fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions.
I know my past life;
My divine eye is clarified;
I’m an Arahant, worthy of offerings,
Liberated, without attachments.
Then, at the end of the night,
As the rising of the sun drew near,
All craving was dried up,
So I sat down cross-legged.

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