Mahā­kaccāya­nat­thera­gāthā (Thag 8.1)

Don’t get involved in lots of work,
Avoid people, and don’t try to get more requisites.
If you’re eager and greedy for flavours,
You’ll miss the goal that brings such happiness.
They know that this really is a bog,
This homage and veneration among respectable families.
Honor is a subtle dart, hard to extract,
And hard for a bad man to give up.
Your deeds aren’t bad
Because of what others do.
You yourself should not do bad,
For people have deeds as their kin.
You’re not a criminal because of what someone else says,
And you’re not a sage because of what someone else says;
But as you know yourself,
So the gods will know you.
Others don’t understand,
That here we come to an end.
Those who do understand this
Settle their quarrels.
A wise person lives on,
Even after their wealth is lost;
But without gaining wisdom,
Even a wealthy person doesn’t really live.
All is heard with the ear,
All is seen with the eye;
The wise would not think that all that is seen and heard
Is worthy of rejection.
Though you have eyes, be as if blind;
Though you have ears, be as if deaf,
Though you have wisdom, be as if stupid,
Though you have strength, be as if feeble.
Then, when the goal has been realised,
You may lie on your death-bed.

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