Young Man Mogharāja’s Questions

Mogharāja­māṇava­pucchā (Snp 5.16)

“Twice I asked the Sakyan,” said venerable Mogharāja,
“but the Visionary did not answer me,
if asked up to a third time the Divine Seer answers, I have heard.
“This world, the other world, the Brahma world with its Gods:
one does not know what view of this the reputable Gotama has.
“So, to the One With Excellent Sight, I have come in need with a question:
Looking on the world in what way does the king of Death not see one?”
“Look on the world as empty, Mogharāja, being always mindful.
Having removed wrong view of self, in this way one will cross beyond Death.
When looking on the world in this way the king of Death does not see one.”

The Young Man Mogharāja’s Questions are Finished

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