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Virāgānupassanā (AN 11.27)

“Bhikkhus, it is not possible for the cowherd endowed with eleven things to grow and prosper with his herd? What eleven?

Here, bhikkhus the cowherd does not know matter, is not clever in signs, does not pull out nits, does not dress the wounds, does not make fumes, does not know the ford, does not know the places to drink, does not know the paths, is not clever in finding pasture, is faulty not leaving a remainder and does not take special care of the leaders of the herd.

Bhikkhus, it is not possible for the cowherd endowed with these eleven things to attend to his herd and prosper in it.

In the same manner bhikkhus, it is not possible for the bhikkhu endowed with eleven things, to abide seeing impermanence in the eye, ... re ... unpleasantness in the eye, lack of a self in the eye, the destruction of the eye, the fading of the eye, the disenchantment of the eye, the cessation of the eye and giving up the eye.

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