To venerable Malukyaputta

Māluṅkyāputta [Mālukyaputta] (AN 4.257)

Venerable Malukyaputta approached The Blessed One, worshipped, sat on a side and said thus to The Blessed One.

Venerable sir, it is good, if The Blessed One would teach me in short, hearing it I would alienate from the crowd and abide diligent to dispel.

Malukyaputta, you an elderly decayed monk, this is childish talk for a bhikkhu to ask the Thus Gone One for advice in short.

Venerable sir, teach me in short, it will be of great benefit for me, hearing those words I will become the heir of the words of The Blessed One.

Malukyaputta, there are four ways in which craving arises to the bhikkhu. What four?

Malukyaputta, on account of robes craving arises to the bhikkhu. On account of morsel food, dwellings and on account of this and other desire, craving arises to the bhikkhu. Malukyaputta, these are the four ways in which craving arises to the bhikkhu.

Malukyaputta when the bhikkhu has dispelled craving, pulled it out with the roots, made it a palm stump that would not grow again, it is said that he has destroyed craving, rolled back the bonds and rightfully overcoming measuring has made an end of unpleasantness.

Venerable Malukyaputta advised thus by The Blessed One getting up from his seat worshipped The Blessed One, circumambulated The Blessed One and went away.

Then venerable Malukyaputta alienated from the crowd and abiding diligently to dispel, before long, here and now, realized the noble end of the holy life, for which sons of clansmen rightfully leave the household and become homeless. He knew, birth is destroyed, the holy life is lived, what should be done is done, there is nothing more to wish. Venerable Malukyaputta became one of the arahants.

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