Mānadinna (SN 47.30)

The same setting. Now on that occasion the householder Manadinna was sick, afflicted, gravely ill. Then the householder Manadinna addressed a man thus:
“Come, good man” … as above …
“I am not bearing up, venerable sir, I am not getting better. Strong painful feelings are increasing in me, not subsiding, and their increase, not their subsiding, is to be discerned. But, venerable sir, when I am being touched by such painful feeling, I dwell contemplating the body in the body … feelings in feelings … mind in mind … phenomena in phenomena, ardent, clearly comprehending, mindful, having removed covetousness and displeasure in regard to the world. And as to these five lower fetters taught by the Blessed One, I do not see any of these unabandoned in myself.”
“It is a gain for you, householder! It is well gained by you, householder! You have declared, householder, the fruit of nonreturning.”

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