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The Story of Khemaka, the Son of a Rich Man

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verses (309) and (310) of this book, with reference to Khemaka, the son of a rich man. Khemaka was also the nephew of the renowned Anathapindika.

Khemaka, in addition to being rich, was also very good-looking and women were very much attracted to him. They could hardly resist him and naturally fell a prey to him. Khemaka committed adultery without compunction. The king's men caught him three times for sexual misconduct and brought him to the presence of the king. But King Pasenadi of Kosala did not take action because Khemaka was the nephew of Anathapindika. So Anathapindika himself took his nephew to the Buddha. The Buddha talked to Khemaka about the depravity of sexual misconduct and the seriousness of the consequences.

Verse 309: Four misfortunes befall a man who is unmindful of right conduct and commit sexual misconduct with another man's wife: acquisition of demerit, disturbed sleep, reproach, and suffering in niraya.

Verse 310: Thus, there is the acquisition of demerit, and there is rebirth in the evil apaya realms. The enjoyment of a scared man with a scared woman is short-lived, and the king also metes out severe punishment. Therefore, a man should not commit misconduct with another man's wife.

At the end of the discourse Khemaka attained Sotapatti Fruition.
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