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The Story of Nandiya

While residing at the Isipatana wood, the Buddha uttered Verses (219) and (220) of this book, with reference to Nandiya.

Nandiya was a rich man from Baranasi. After listening to the Buddha's discourse on the benefits of building monasteries for bhikkhus, Nandiya built the Mahavihara monastery at Isipatana. The building was pinnacled and fully furnished. As soon as the monastery was offered to the Buddha, a mansion came up for Nandiya at the Tavatimsa deva world.

One day, when Thera Maha Moggalana visited the Tavatimsa deva world he saw the mansion which was meant for the donor of the Mahavihara monastery at Isipatana. On his return from the Tavatimsa deva world, Thera Maha Moggalana asked the Buddha, "Venerable Sir! For those who perform meritorious deeds, do they have mansions and other riches prepared in the deva world even while they are still living in this world ?" To him the Buddha said, "My son, why do you ask? Have you not yourself seen the mansion and riches waiting for Nandiya in the Tavatimsa deva world? The devas await the coming of the good and generous ones, as relatives await the return of one who is long absent. When the good ones die, they are welcomed joyously to the abode of the devas."

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 219: A man who has long been absent and has returned home safely from a distance is welcomed with joy by relatives, friends and well-wishers on his return.

Verse 220: In the same way, his good deeds will receive him who has done good when he goes from this world to the other, as relatives receive a dear one on his return.

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