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The Story of Licchavi Princes

While residing at the Kutagara monastery in Vesali, the Buddha uttered Verse (214) of this book, with reference to the Licchavi princes.

On one festival day, the Buddha entered the town of Vesali, accompanied by a retinue of bhikkhus. On their way, they met some Licchavi princes, who had come out elegantly dressed up. The Buddha seeing them in full regalia said to the bhikkhus, "Bhikkhus, those who have not been to the Tavatimsa deva world should have a good look at these Licchavi princes." The princes were then on their way to a pleasure garden. There, they quarrelled over a prostitute and soon came to blows. As a result, some of them had to be carried home, bleeding. As the Buddha returned with the bhikkhus after his meal in the town, they saw the wounded princes being carried home.

In connection with the above incident the bhikkhus remarked, "For the sake of a woman, these Licchavi princes are ruined." To them the Buddha replied, "Bhikkhus, sorrow and fear arise out of enjoyment of sensual pleasures and attachment to them."

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 214: Attachment (to sensual pleasures) begets sorrow, attachment begets fear. For him who is free from attachment there is no sorrow; how can there be fear for him?
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