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2018-03-19 15:47:37

There are 4 bases of mindfulness: Contemplation on the body, contemplation of feeling, contemplation on mind and contemplation on dhamma. With contemplations, you can do mindfulness meditation and which deep concentration (Samadhi) and wisdom (Panna). 

Contemplation on body: Mindfulness by focusing on in and out breath, physical movements (I am eating, I am bending), reflection on repulsiveness of body (components of body: hair, nails, teeth), Reflection on material elements (earth, water, fire and wind) and being mindful of four postures (walking, standing, sitting and lying).

Contemplation of feeling: Factors of feelings; pleasant, unpleasant and neutral. Contemplate the arising and cessation of the different feelings: happy happy happy, sad sad sad, anger anger anger and neutral neutral neutral. 

Contemplation on Mind: Herein the disciple knows the greedy mind as greedy, and the not greedy mind as not greedy; knows the hating mind as hating, and the not hating mind as not hating: knows the deluded mind as deluded and the undeluded mind as undeluded. (he contemplates on the three evil roots: lobha (greed), dosa (hatred) and moha (delusion).

Contemplation on Dhamma: knowing the 4 noble truths, 5 hindrances (sense desire, ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry and doubt) when they arise, understanding the 5 aggregates (form, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness), understand the 6 senses and knows the 7 elements of enlightenment.

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