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2018-03-19 15:43:21

Feelings is the 7th link in dependent origination due to the 6th link contact with the six sense spheres (5th link). Feeling means experiencing the taste of the object. Depending on the object, various feelings can arise. There are 3 kinds of feelings: pleasant, unpleasant and neutral. Feelings are impermanent (anicca), it ceases only when one reaches nibbana.

Contemplation on feelings: When meditating feeling, one should only focus on the feeling that is arising at that present time. When one is happy or pleasant feeling arises, one should be aware of it. Then the knowing mind which arises at the next moment should be contemplated as well. So also, when unpleasant feeling arises, one should know of this feeling and also the next mind which is aware of it.

When we know the true nature of feeling, the unwholesome mental states like greed (lobha), aversion(hatred) (dosa), delusion (moha), craving (taṇhā), wrong view (diṭṭhi), conceit (māna), jealousy (issā) etc. will not arise at all.  The Buddha said feeling is not to be abandoned, but to be known thoroughly and fully.

To overcome all sufferings, we must be mindful and meditate all types of feeling. Then we can abandon craving for pleasant or happy feeling (sukha vedanā), aversion for unpleasant feeling (dukkha vedanā) as well as ignorance for neutral feeling (adukkhamasukha vedanā).

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